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Tips for Moving into Your New Home by Pilkington Estates

Congratulations on finding your dream home! Now it’s time to start planning your move. Here are some helpful tips to make the process as smooth as possible:

Plan Ahead

The key to a successful move is planning and organisation. As soon as you have a moving date, start gathering supplies like boxes, tape, bubbl wrap, and markers. Make sure to order your removal van well in advance. If hiring removals, book them at least 4-6 weeks out.

Create a Moving Binder

Get organised by creating a binder with important information – removals’ contact info, utility account numbers, change of address confirmations, etc. Also include info about your new home like appliance manuals. Having everything in one place will make moving day less chaotic.

Purge and Pack Systematically

Don’t just start randomly packing – go room by room deciding what you want to keep, donate or chuck. Pro tip: take photos of electronics and specialty items before disconnecting and packing them. Clearly label and number all boxes by room.

  • Protect Your Belongings

Invest in quality packing supplies to avoid damage. Wrap fragile items individually in tissue paper, fill extra space in boxes with packing paper or towels to cushion items and secure lids with packing tape.

  • Make Travel Arrangements for Pets

If you have pets, arrange for them to stay with friends or board them during the most hectic moving days. Make sure their IDs and vet records are up to date and pack a pet travel bag with food, medications, leashes, bedding, etc.

  • Clean the Old Place

To get your security deposit back, thoroughly clean your old place, scrub surfaces, vacuum carpets, wipe down appliances, and sweep/mop floors. Turn off all lights, lock all windows/doors and drop off keys.

  • Check Utilities at New House

Contact utility companies to transfer or activate services like power, water, gas, internet, TV, etc. Make sure they are on before moving day or you’ll be sitting in the dark!

  • Unload Strategically

Have a plan for which boxes go where so removals don’t randomly drop them. Set up beds first so you have a place to rest. Unpack kitchen, bathroom and other essentials next. Leave non-essentials for later.

  • Update Important Accounts

Don’t forget to change your address with banks, schools, employers, insurance agencies, etc. Submit a change of address to the post office. Update driver’s license and vehicle registration.

  • Meet the Neighbours

Once settled in, introduce yourself to neighbours with a smile and a plate of biscuits. Getting to know those around you makes it feel more like home. Exchange contact information and let them know they can call you if ever in need.

  • Enjoy Your New Home!

Moving is tiring but incredibly rewarding. When all is said and done, take time to relax and enjoy your beautiful new living space. You’ve earned it after so much hard work. Congratulations on achieving the dream of homeownership.

Ready to find your dream home? At Pilkington Estates, we make your home buying and moving experience as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to begin your exciting journey to homeownership!

Here are some additional tips that you might find helpful:

  • If you’re hiring removals, get quotes from several different companies before making a decision.
    If you’re packing yourself, start early and label everything clearly.
    Take breaks throughout the moving process to avoid getting too tired.
    Don’t forget to celebrate when you’re finally done!I hope these tips help you have a smooth and stress-free move.