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Area Profile: Mannamead 

Thorn Park Road in Mannamead

Mannamead is a popular urban area in Plymouth, but what does this area offer?

If you’re looking for a Plymouth home, you’ve probably researched a range of areas. But, before you decide, make sure you’ve looked at Mannamead too! 

We’ve gathered all you need to know about this area to help you decide whether it’s right for you. Keep on reading to find out about facilities, history, and whether Mannamead is family-friendly or not. 

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Welcome To Mannamead

Located northwest of Plymouth city centre, Mannamead is close to the action of the cosmopolitan city. However, this location also offers residents peace and quiet, perfect for families who want the best of both worlds. 

This picturesque area was an affluent destination in the Victorian and Edwardian days. Today, Mannamead still offers this vintage seaside charm through wide avenues and grand villas. If you want to stroll down historical avenues and bask in old coastal grandeur, Mannamead might be your next address. 

How Connected is Mannamead?

Mannamead offers a range of transport links, keeping residents connected to Plymouth centre and the rest of the UK.

A range of bus routes can take you south towards the city or north to Whitleigh, Derriford Hospital, or Woolwell. Stagecoach buses are also available via Mannamead Road. 

After a quick bus journey to the city centre, Mannamead residents can find Plymouth station, which offers both GWR and CrossCountry trains. Common connections bring residents to London Paddington, Exeter, and even Edinburgh! 

Mannamead also offers the popular B3250 Mannamead Road, a busy route that sees approximately 20,000 vehicles daily. This connects locals to the A38, ideal for any families with a car. 

What Facilities Does Mannamead offer?

When choosing a new area to live in, you need to know the essential services! So, what can you find in Mannamead?

The facilities in this urban area include an NHS GP surgery (The Mannamead Surgery), a dental clinic, a car garage, a range of grocery stores (including a Tescos), and a PureGym. Local residents can enjoy high-quality facilities within walking distance of their Plymouth property.

Alongside practical amenities, Mannamead offers a range of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Popular options include The Penguin Lounge and The Mannamead – JD Wetherspoon pub named after the area.

Is Mannamead Family Friendly?

If you’re looking to relocate to Plymouth with your family, you might want to explore the school options in Mannamead. 

Thanks to Mannamead’s position near the city centre, children in this area have connections to impressive education centres. There are Ofsted Outstanding options for kids of all age groups, from day nurseries to primary and academy schools. 

Some primaries and academies may require children to take a bus daily, but many are within walking distance. Popular school and pre-school choices in and around Mannamead include Devonport High School for Boys, Frogmore Montessori Nursery, and High View School. Explore the school options in more depth here.

Schools report some of the best levels in Plymouth, with the majority of children achieving five or more GCSEs at C-A* (or the current equivalent). Permanent exclusions are also much lower in this area. 

Alongside schools, Mannamead is home to Mutley Park and Thorn Park – two popular areas for family days out and summer sports. Kids can also enjoy the local Tennis club and junior football teams.

Is Mannamead Safe?

Another key question to ask when moving with children is about the safety of the area. This is an understandable worry! Always inquire about the crime rates before moving. 

When it comes to crime, Mannamead is better than the general Plymouth area in all categories. The Plymouth City Council report shows that Mannamead reported less criminal damage, anti-social behavior, domestic abuse, violence with injury, and serious acquisitive crime than other local areas. This leaves the area one of the safest in the Plymouth region!

Approximate House Prices In Mannamead

Finally, let’s take a look at the average house prices in Mannamead.

If you’re moving to this area, the average price for a property is estimated to be £290,733 in 2022. The most popular type of property in 2021 was a terraced property, which sold at an average cost of £252,193. Semi-detached homes cost more, at an average price of £367,854, and flats cost an estimated £145,318. 

Want to find out more? Explore our buying services here. 

Bottom Line 

With an impressive collection of amenities, transport links, and school options, Mannamead could be your Plymouth home. This area has everything a young family needs to thrive! If you want to learn more about this area or find properties nearby, contact us here. 

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Why You Should Revamp Your Home

Professional property marketing includes a revamp of your home to get the best possible price.

How often do you redecorate?

Keeping your home looking on-trend can be fun and exciting, but home renovations aren’t always budget-friendly.

Luckily, there are some simple and affordable ways to upgrade your property. These are great hacks to use if you want to revamp your home, plus they’re handy when you’re getting your home ready for viewing. 

Keep reading if you want to avoid the hefty price tag that comes with most home improvements. We’ve got the tips you need to make your home look spectacular this summer. 

Why Should You Upgrade Your Home?

Keeping your home refreshed is great for peace of mind and a relaxing lifestyle. Though renovations may seem stressful, keeping on top of minor issues will reduce the needs of a large redecorating job.

Also, when your home reflects your style you’ll feel much more relaxed. This is a great way to reduce anxiety and stresses of day to day life. Colors like white, green, and light blue are reported to boost feelings of calmness, leaving your home a relaxing area.

Whether you want a minimalist or maximalist style, we say go for it! Give your home a refresh now. 

Our Top Home Tips

Here are the best tips to follow for a new interior look. If you’re booking in for professional property marketing or viewings, make sure your home looks its best with these unbeatable tricks!

Add Storage

Many homeowners think storage should be hidden away, far from guests’ eyes. However, visible home storage can elevate your space and leave your home looking more stylish – as long as it’s neat and tidy!

Viewers and potential buyers will benefit from seeing flexible storage options that can be changed if needed. Storage options also add depth to rooms, so make sure you put up those shelves you’ve been putting off!

Upgrade Old Fixtures

We often forget about fixtures, but these smaller details can make or break a viewing. For example, changing that old faucet will revitalise the bathroom, creating a modern space instead of a worn-out room.

Other fixtures to consider include doorknobs, locks, and lamp shapes. Think about the details of the house that aren’t obvious and consider giving these a chance a thorough clean. This tip will benefit your sale for a small cost.

A Lick Of Paint

Not everyone enjoys painting. However, this necessary evil shouldn’t be ignored. A new lick of paint on kitchen cupboards or the hallway walls can add a breath of fresh air into your home. Whether you reapply a white base paint or opt for an accent colour, there are various routes you can take to upgrade your home.

If you’re not the best with a paintbrush, always consult a professional decorator. Paint can give your home a new lease of life, but make sure it’s applied well first!

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors!

Mirrors are the unspoken gem of property viewings. These handy tools can create an open feel, making rooms appear larger. Large mirrors work exceptionally well in rooms with abundant natural light, so consider them a new addition when inviting guests round or hosting house viewings. 

Mirrors can be found in budget furniture stores for low prices, but you can also find great options in second-hand stores. Add an expensive feel without spending too much!

Check Old Lighting

Lighting can dictate the tone and feel of a room. Before your home goes on the market, examine how each room feels and consider whether you could add some soft lighting to ease the atmosphere. Side table lamps are a great way to add intimate lighting to spaces, allowing guests to feel more at home.

The less harsh your lighting feels, the better. Consider purchasing cheap lamps before any viewings, as this will create a cosy feel in your property. This tip works best in the winter when the evenings are darker!

Final Thoughts

Gearing up to sell is an exciting time. Professional property marketing is an essential step of the sale process as you can determine the worth of your house via attractive staging and persuasive decorating. If you’re unsure what to do, contact the Pilkington Estates team. With years of experience, our talented team knows how to make your property look its best.

Get in touch with our agents today here.

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Area Profile: Stoke

A street in the Stoke ward of Plymouth

Stoke in Plymouth could be your next home, but, what are the perks to living in this area? Also known by its historical name Stoke Damerel, this suburb has caught home buyers’ eyes due to its affordability, good schools and of course location near the beach. 

What are the schools like in Stoke?

Schools in the area are deemed good by Ofsted, making it a great area to raise a family by the coast. There is a range of primaries including Stoke Damerel, Morice Town and College Road all situated in the residential areas. Stoke Damerel primary holds approximately 320 students between the ages of 4 to 11. Stoke also boasts an Ofsted “outstanding” community college, as well as the Devonport High School for Boys which educates pupils from all over Plymouth and areas of west Devon and east Cornwall.

How connected is Stoke?

Worried about transport? You shouldn’t be, Stoke is only an hour’s drive away from Exeter or St Austell and local buses are always running to keep you mobile. The local train station is Devonport station, which is run by Great Western Railways and you can reach Exeter in an hour and a half for a single fare of £10.60. Plymouth Bus also provides a quick link from Stoke into the center, great for those who want to visit the city. 

What makes Stoke unique?

Stoke was historically part of Devonport, England before 1914. However, Plymouth and Devonport ended up joining Stonehouse and the area took the name of Plymouth. Stoke ended up being one of the inner suburbs of this area! When walking around the town, you’ll notice various private houses dating back to the Victorian and Georgian eras, hinting at Stoke’s rich past. The local parish church is also a notable landmark for its architecture and historical connections. 

What facilities does Stoke have?

Stoke Village is also home to over 50 small businesses and unique shops on their high street. This is a great place to grab some good, financial services, get your hair cut or have a pint. This historic high-street has most services alongside 8 pubs and restaurants. Free parking is available to ensure you can enjoy the local facilities at a low cost. 

Stoke is near the Plymouth Life Centre, a complex with one of the largest aquatic facilities in Southern England (second to the Olympic Village) and it also houses one of the newest wheelchair rugby teams in the UK called the West Country Hawks. This is a great place to get active through swimming, going to the gym and even taking on a climbing wall. There’s also the Barbican, another popular area for shopping, good food and art galleries – all on the gorgeous waterfront. 

If getting active isn’t always your thing, you can take a five-minute bus trip to the Royal William Yard. This area used to be an old naval victualling yard, but has been developed and regenerated into a waterfront bar and restaurant area. This is a great place to rewind and socialise in a contemporary setting. Not only that, but once a month a food market and an open-air cinema is hosted. 

What are the house prices like in Stoke?

Are you looking for property for sale in Stoke, Plymouth? House prices generally vary between £350,000 to £500,000 for large detached, with smaller detached houses selling for £200,000 to £350,000. Semi-detached properties often go for £200,000 to £425,000 and historical town houses for £225,000 to £370,000. Terraces can command between £100,000 and £270,000. Popular streets of Stoke are Millbridge and Wilton Street as these terraces were first built to house dockers and have a historical charm.

So, are you interested in Stoke? Let us know your thoughts on the area!

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Embrace Sea Air With A Home in Plymouth

Woman at the waterfront breathing in sea air

Plymouth offers breathtaking experiences that you can’t find anywhere else in the UK, from sea air to coastal views.

Since 2020, families and homeowners have been moving away from the cities for a slice of the coast or countryside. Why stay cooped up in London when you can work online and enjoy a slower pace of life?

If you’ve been considering moving to Plymouth, now is the time to act! We’ve got all the information you need to get your move started. Keep reading to learn why Plymouth is the area for you and which properties you should consider.

Why Plymouth? 

Plymouth is an area that’s becoming more popular by the day. With a fusion of green spaces, ocean views, and a city buzz, this location has everything you need for a fulfilling life. 

Residents often opt for Plymouth as it offers the best of both worlds. Peace and quiet? Check. A busy city centre with a range of restaurants, bars and entertainment? Check. Here, you can enjoy a vibrant social life and a quiet retreat from corporate life. 

Not only that, but Plymouth is an ideal area to start family life. Plymouth and the surrounding towns have an abundance of outstanding schools, family activities, and general amenities. Everything you need in one place!

Which Property Is Best For You?

Interested in moving to Plymouth? We don’t blame you! Here are some properties available in the area.

1. Warwick Orchard Close, Plymouth

Warwick Orchard Close Plymouth

Located north of Plymouth city centre in Honicknowle, this property is a hidden gem. Here, you’ll find two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a spacious reception room. This is ideal for anyone who wants to live close to the centre hub and the coast.

2. Waterloo Street, Plymouth

Waterloo Street Plymouth

Situated in the heart of the city, this property puts you in the centre of Plymouth’s lively atmosphere. This property includes three bedrooms, one bathroom, and two reception rooms. Whether you are looking for a family home or a property to rent, this option is a must-view.

3.  Blackhall Gardens, Plymouth

Blackhall Gardens Plymouth

Are you looking for a new home for the family? Explore this Plymouth property. Blackhall Gardens is a child-friendly area close to outstanding schools and green areas. This modern property includes three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a reception room.

4. Ashford Road, Plymouth

Ashford Road Plymouth

This property is based between two popular Plymouth neighbourhoods – Mannamead and Mutley. If you’re interested in moving away from the city but still want to live amongst the coastal action, this is a great location to try.

5. Rigdale Close, Plymouth

Rigdale Close in Eggbuckland

Raising children isn’t always a walk in the park, but this property is ideal for the challenge! Located in Eggbuckland (a sought-after area), you’ll be close to impressive schools, family friendly amenities, and open spaces.

Final Thoughts

Ready to start your property journey? We’re here to help. Here at Pilkington Estates, we’re passionate about helping you find your forever home with as little fuss as possible. Start your move today! Find out about our tailored buying services here.