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A Guide To Top Exciting Plymouth Areas

Plymouth aerial view

Ready To Start Your Life In Plymouth?

Moving cities is exciting, but you want to be sure about the area you’re moving to before going ahead with the deal.

Plymouth is an up-and-coming destination for UK residents; especially now, as many job positions are remote. Why stay in the big smoke paying premiums when you can live a laid back life by the sea? 

Many young professionals are moving down south, increasing the hustle and bustle in popular Plymouth neighbourhoods. But, which are the most popular?

We’ve compiled all you need to know if you’re considering a move to this gorgeous British city. Keep reading to see what areas you should investigate if you want to explore Plymouth’s vibrant atmosphere.


One key area all buyers should consider is Stoke. This Plymouth area has been trendy since the Guardian published an article about the perks of living in this neighbourhood.

With over 50 small businesses and free parking along the main high street, there’s always something new in Stoke. Residents can enjoy the local historic architecture and dine-in restaurants in all seasons. There are also eight different pubs – perfect for any social butterflies!

Stoke is also popular due to its reliable transport links. The area is an hour from St Austell and Exeter, plus you can access the local Devonport train station. Buses frequently run to the Plymouth city centre, allowing you to visit the city whenever you want.

Plymouth Hoe

Plymouth Hoe, also known as just “The Hoe”, is a coastal area that faces Drake’s Island. This area has strong historical links, and it’s a popular place for tourists to visit in the summer months. Don’t let that put you off, though, as this area is busy and bustling with a cheery atmosphere. 

This area boasts a range of eateries and shops, allowing residents to enjoy a range of different cuisines. Local residents can also find a range of amenities, such as banks, grocery stores, and health facilities. Not only that, but this area is close to the Plymouth city centre too. 

If you want to live among the action, consider The Hoe on your home search.


If you’re keen to get away from the city and relocate to Plymouth, we’d suggest exploring Plympton for your new home. This area is five miles from the city centre, giving residents some distance. Ideal for anyone who wants the best of both worlds. 

Plympton is a historic town with beautiful streets and ruins of Plympton Castle. Alongside ancient artefacts, residents enjoy health amenities, grocery stores, the Ridgeway Shopping Center, and eight different primary schools.

This is a popular location for anyone looking to raise a family close to the centre. You’ll be close enough to the action, but you can also enjoy quiet time when needed.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re ready to move or not, exploring a range of areas is essential before deciding. Plymouth is an area with rich history, exciting social opportunities, and a growing younger generation. Enjoy this coastal city today! 

Want to learn more about Plymouth? Explore our Plymouth properties for sale here. You can connect with the expert Pilkington Estates team here. 

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Top Tips For Managing Your Energy Bills In A New Home

Smart meter monitoring energy use

We’ll be surprised if you haven’t already heard that energy bills are rising. 

On April 1st, millions of homes will see their bills shoot up as the price of living continues to rise. This is a frustrating change, especially since it’s out of our hands. However, there are some tips and tricks to help you save as much as possible. 

Whether you’re planning a move or settling into a new Plymouth property, keep reading. We’ve researched the best tips to keep your energy bills low.

Scroll down to explore more.

What To Do If You Want To Spend Less

Ready to cut down on your energy spending? Here are some tips that Plymouth homeowners can use to battle the rising energy prices.

Review Your Bills

Firstly, you should get into the habit of reviewing your bills to ensure they’re accurate. Even if you’re not a smart meter user, it’s essential that you make these checks so you’re paying for what you use and no more!

Remember to take a meter reading on March 31st, then submit this to your supplier. This will prove how much energy you used before the energy price increases on April 1st. 

Change Your Habits

Another way you can save as much as possible is to get into good habits now. Small changes can provide significant results! 

Consider washing clothes at a lower temperature and ensuring each load is full before starting the wash. You can also lower the heating by one degree and ensure all lights and electronics are switched off when not needed. 

Switch To A Smart Reader 

Smart readers are an excellent way for homeowners to monitor their usage daily. This will give you a clearer picture of when and how you use energy and indicate which appliances use the most energy. You can make educated decisions on where you need to cut back from this information. 

Not only that, but smart meters send trustworthy meter readings for you, which saves you time and makes bills a hassle-free experience. 

Check Your Credit

Did you know credit accumulates? When you pay the supplier more than you’re using, your account will build up credit, and the company will owe you money. 

Credit builds up when bills are overestimated, less energy is used, and it can also happen if you’ve recently switched suppliers. Check with your energy supplier today to see if you have any credit in your account. When the prices rise, this money can act as a buffer for the subsequent bills.

Review All Home Bills

Energy bills are going up, but you might be able to cut back in other areas to compensate for this price increase. Homeowners should review their TV, broadband, and mobile phone contracts. These days, we pay multiple companies monthly, and there’s usually an area or two we can cut down. 

Explore The Energy Market

If you’re interested in getting the best energy deals, sign up for energy market alerts. These news updates will keep you in the loop of current energy prices and new deals. Comparison websites (such as Confused or MoneySupermarket) are also popular ways to see the best energy deals available.

The Bottom Line

Rising energy prices are stressful, but they shouldn’t take the excitement out of buying a new home. Use these tips to cut down where you can, as a little goes a long way. We hope this article has inspired you to take control of your energy spending!

Want to get started on your moving process? Get expert Plymouth property advice and contact us here.

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Top Tips For Finding The Best Removal Company in Plymouth

Removal workers carrying sofa

Moving is an exciting process. Once you’ve found your new home, exchanged contracts, and picked out a new interior design theme, it’s ready to move. But, have you booked a removal company yet?

When buying and selling in Plymouth, removal companies are usually the last part of the process. However, just because this is one of the final steps doesn’t mean you should rush the process! 

Make sure your moving day is as stress-free as possible. We’ve researched the best tips for finding a removal company to ensure you are armed and ready to go when your sale is complete. 

Ready to move? Keep on reading to find out more.

The Key Tips When Booking A Removal Company

It’s easy to Google local removal companies and book the first result, but this isn’t always the best way to book a removal team. Instead, have a read of these tips and keep them in mind when the time comes for you to move into your dream home!

Read Real Reviews

Reviews are always a good indicator of a removal service. However, don’t get hoodwinked by the reviews on the company’s website. Their team will handpick these, and what team would willingly showcase any bad reviews?

Instead, use third-party websites to gauge an unbiased view of their services. Good websites to check include Checkatrade, Google Reviews, and TrustPilot. These offer real experiences instead of pre-selected 5* reviews. 

Explore Their Website

Though you shouldn’t only look at the website reviews, it’s still advised to explore their website. This will let you know how large their operations are, how long they’ve been in the industry, and how professional they are. 

A company’s “About” page will often give you most of this information. You can also check image galleries or “Service” pages to understand the scope of their work. Of course, some of this information will be more staged, but it will give you a general idea of how they present themselves. 

Check They Can Move Your Furniture

This sounds simple, but it can often be forgotten! If you own larger items, such as a piano, make sure the company offers services that include these. This is also important if you own fine art or any delicate antiques, as not all movers are experienced with these items. Consider hiring a specialist if needed.  

Look For Insurance

When it comes to your finances and possessions, you always want to work with an insured team. Though all removal companies should be insured, double-checking is essential. Any good removal team will list their insurance online, or they’ll be happy to show you the details of their policies. 

When All Fails, Trust Word Of Mouth

It’s easy to make a company shine online. However, it’s harder to control what previous customers say about the experience. Ask local friends and family members if they have any experience with removal companies in the area. Often, a word of mouth recommendation is the best way to find a trusted removal team.

Do I Really Need A Removal Company?

Most moves will require a removal company, but it always depends on your situation. 

For example, if you’re leaving a furnished rental home with fewer personal items, you might only need a self-drive van. But, if you have lots of large furniture and enough things to fill a few storage containers, a removal company will help make the process easier. 

A good removal company will provide any necessary packing materials for you, and they’ll also offer advice on how to protect your possessions. Remember, these teams have years of experience, so if you have any worries ask for their opinion.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, these tips have helped you learn more about the removal process. When it comes to moving home in Plymouth, there is a range of trusted removal companies to help you get from A to B. If you’re ever unsure or confused, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the Pilkington Estates team for guidance. 

Ready to find your dream property? Find out more about our buying services here.

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The Million Dollar Listing Effect: How Do You Style Your Home?

Downtown Miami

Have you ever tuned into Million Dollar Listings?

This popular luxury property show is back for the 9th season, but it’s based in Miami this time. This show follows professional real estate brokers selling luxury homes to wealthy clients.

Though Miami is far from Plymouth, this show and similar shows have had an impact on the UK property market. These brokers are known for their unique property marketing methods, which are now being adapted for UK properties.

So, if you’re interested in selling your home, keep on reading. The Million Dollar Listing team has some handy tips to help stage your property for potential buyers.

The importance of styling

It’s no secret that buyers respond well to homes that go the extra mile with their staging and decor. But, how do the Million Dollar Listing teams make their properties look so great?

We’ve broken down the top home styling tips from the cast to ensure you’ve got the secret industry knowledge. If you’re selling your home this year, make sure you take note of some of these top tips.

You can also contact the Pilkington estates team for our professional property marketing services. We’re always here to help!

Clear the Room

An essential tip for high-end property marketing is to clear the room. It’s necessary to do this first when you start a home styling or staging project. Clearing the space allows you to see it as a blank slate. Without any extra clutter, it’s easier to formulate a plan and highlight the best areas of the architecture. Don’t be scared of empty space! This can leave the house feeling light and airy.

Upscale the Finishes

Another important tip is to upscale the finishes. While this isn’t always possible, try not to buy low-quality options if you’re purchasing extra finishes and furniture for your viewings. Of course, you don’t need to blow your budget, but make sure you opt for pieces that will inspire your buyer to want your home.

It’s also worth noting that any extra finishes (such as lamps or rugs) should align with your current decor. This will leave your home looking cohesive, plus the finishes will fit your new home when you move.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are an underrated tool.

When you focus on adding a few mirrors to your home, you will notice that it will instantly feel lighter. Large mirrors reflect any natural light and leave your home feeling larger than it is. They also add a luxury feel, so add a mirror now if this is the atmosphere you’re after!

Add lighting

Similar to mirrors, make sure you add lighting fixtures too. Different types of lighting can change the ambience of the space, so make sure you’re creating a positive feel. Whether you opt for table lamps, standing lamps, or intricate overhead lighting, it will make a difference to the feel of your home.

Create a flow

This tip can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s essential to create walkways through your home. Sometimes, each room will start to feel “blocky” as furniture styles change from area to area. Instead, focus on creating a decor style that flows through the property and avoid placing furniture in the way of the natural walkthrough route.

Choose a focal point

Though the Million Dollar Listing team advises sellers to avoid “cluttering” rooms, you should also avoid being too minimalist. If you strip everything back too far, you run the risk of showing potential buyers a dull room.

Creating a focal point can be done through a range of objects, but the Million Dollar Listing team prefers to use art. When you decorate the room with an exciting art piece, the mood of the space changes. The team suggests going big but neutral – this way, you’re appealing to more tastes.

The bottom line

While these tips won’t fit all properties, it’s worth noting them when getting your home ready for viewing. Selling a home is exciting, so make sure you get creative and enjoy the staging process.

If you’re interested in selling your Plymouth home, contact us here.

We also offer a range of professional property marketing services, including home staging. Find out more about these here.