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Everything You Need To Know About 4 Bed Houses In Plymouth

Moving is exciting, especially when you’re taking steps towards your dream family home.

4 bed houses in Plymouth are quickly becoming in demand. But before you put an offer on the first home you see, take a step back. Are you sure this is the home for you? Is this your family’s forever home?

Making the final decision can be challenging. Luckily, there are some tried and tested tips to ensure you’re making the best choice for your loved ones. Whether this is your first time looking for 4 bed houses in Plymouth or not, keep on reading. We’re exploring the top things you need to know before selecting your dream family home.

4 Bed Houses In Plymouth: What You Should Examine

Ready to start your home search? Here are some tips and tricks to consider before finalising your choice. Always think twice before placing an offer!

Plan Ahead

If you’re only just starting your family, you might be looking at smaller options. However, do you have dreams of growing your family? If so, plan ahead and widen your search. You might not need a 4 bedroom home right now, but you might thank yourself for that extra space in a few years. 


Does the property have the potential for extensions or alterations? While this might not be a deal breaker for all families, some might have dreams of adding an open conservatory or a loft extension. 

Potential expansions might seem very far away, but it’s always best to factor them into your house search. Don’t limit yourself in the future because you’re in a rush now!

Consider Spare Rooms

If you’re not looking to grow your family any larger, don’t write 4 bed houses in Plymouth off your list. Any extra bedrooms can be transformed into guest bedrooms, home offices, or even a home gym. 

Many families don’t look at larger properties because they don’t plan on using the bedrooms for children. However, if your budget allows it, the extra rooms can benefit your day-to-day living. 


No matter what size homes you’re looking at, location is always a crucial factor to explore. The potential house might seem perfect for you, but if you’re living miles away from amenities or family, you might not enjoy living there.

Of course, each homeowner is different, but make sure you get clear on the type of area you want to live in. Do you require schools? Do you want to live close to healthcare providers? Is green space important to you? Write down your top priorities and include these parameters in your search. 

See our top factors to consider when choosing a Plymouth home here.


When searching for 4 bed houses in Plymouth, one factor you should never ignore is your budget. It can be tempting to stretch your budget to find the perfect home, but this can lead to lifestyle compromises. 

If you’re unsure where to start with budgets and finances, a mortgage advisor can help you understand the best price range for your family. 

The Takeaway

No one size fits all, especially if you’re looking for your dream home. Looking for 4 bed houses in Plymouth is the first step on your journey to more space for you and your loved ones. Take your search slow and reach out for professional property advice when needed.

Are you interested in taking the first step? The Pilkington Estates team is here to help. We know the local area well, and we’re ready to guide you every step of the way. 

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Embracing The South West: Exploring Houses To Buy In Plymouth

Are you considering houses to buy in Plymouth this year?

After the past few years, we’ve seen a staggering number of UK residents making a move to the South West. Maybe it’s our green space, beautiful coastlines, or friendly locals. We think it’s all three!

But what are the key factors driving these 2022 property trends? In this article, we’re delving into the results of Barclays Mortgages recent findings and why so many residents are kissing city life goodbye. 

Scroll down to read more about moving to the South West and houses to buy in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. 

Results From The Barclay Mortgages Study

Post-lockdown trends are showing that properties with gardens and proximity to outdoor spaces are increasingly attractive to UK buyers. This is excellent news for sellers in the South West, as those from the cities are looking for a change of pace and attractive landscapes. 

The Barclays Mortgages study showed that nearly two out of five subjects (39% of the study) stated a large garden was why they wanted to move. 

While large outdoor spaces were a key pull factor away from large cities, other reasons to move included:

  • Living closer to essential services (29%)
  • Living in an area with space for exercise (24%)
  • Moving closer to relatives (23%)
  • Living in areas with a stronger community (23%)

Though it’s a while since we’ve seen a lockdown, the effects of the 2020 pandemic are still evident in our moving preferences. 

Where Are Movers Coming From?

But, who are the residents choosing to ditch city life?

The study found that residents in Birmingham and London were most likely to move away to the South West. Other areas with eyes for new surroundings include Manchester and Nottingham. 

As jobs continue to offer flexible working and work-from-home roles, we expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. Why sit at home in the city when you can enjoy the fresh South West air?

Why The South West & Plymouth?

The South West and Plymouth were among the top picks in the study, but why are houses to buy in Plymouth so popular? 

While there’s a significant push for rural life, it’s not easy to go straight from busy city life to peace and quiet. Plymouth and the surrounding areas offer a perfect mix of the two. You can spend an exciting evening in Plymouth City centre and then retreat to your quiet home for a good night’s sleep.

Also, families tend to be drawn to the surrounding areas thanks to the range of Ofsted Excellent education options. Plus, Plymouth boasts a range of weekend activities for kids, and some you won’t find in cities! 

Other Popular Areas

The South West wasn’t the only desirable area in the Barclays Mortgages study. Movers also had their eyes on other areas.

The other popular areas in 2022 include:

  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • North East
  • South East
  • Yorkshire

A common theme in answers showed that 26% of those asked expressed a desire to live by the sea. Another 23% just wanted to be in a more rural area for a higher quality of life. 

The Takeaway

Will you be making an urban escape this year? Houses to buy in Plymouth are varied and cater to all needs. Whether you’re looking for a family home or a city-centre flat, there are options for all buyers. 

Ready to start? Allow the Pilkington Estates to help. With years of experience in the area and expert knowledge, we’re here to assist you through every step of the move.

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