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Our Goal: Transforming a Forgotten Space into a Haven for Children in Need

We are excited to announce the start of an innovative new partnership between our organization and St. Peter’s Primary School. Our director recently met with Mr. Kumar, the Deputy Headteacher of the school, and we are eager to reveal our plans for a project that has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of underprivileged children in the area.

St. Peter’s is located just a stone’s throw away from Union Street, in one of the UK’s top 5% most deprived areas. It is incredibly upsetting to find out that a significant number of the school’s approximately 120 students, who are enrolled in grades spanning from Nursery to Year 6, live in impoverished conditions. As a consequence, the new school administration and we are working towards the same objective: to instil in these children a rekindled sense of purpose and demonstrate to them that they are valued and have not been neglected.

We plan to start by transforming the school’s garden area. The outdoor space, which has been neglected until now, has the potential to be an unimpeachable haven where children and teachers alike can play and learn. We envision creating a beautiful, safe, and welcoming environment where the students can connect with nature and each other.

Our Director’s Vision

Our director’s vision of this project is the first of many for the school. Meeting many of the kids already has been incredibly humbling. To learn that some of the children have never had the experiences that we may well have taken for granted in our childhoods has been devastating. Something as simple as a courtyard garden to learn how to grow your veg or a flower pot on a balcony for some of these children will never be a reality, and we plan to change that.

“It’s been brilliant meeting with Mr Kumar and some of the other teachers, and it is clear that everyone desperately cares for their pupils and wants them to have something special. The outcome of this magical garden will give many of these children an opportunity they may otherwise never experience. However, our fundamental goal here is to change many of these kids’ thinking; to that of a child who feels valued and appreciated. We want their school to be a haven and one they cannot wait to come into. I know so many amazing people who take pride in the help they give their community, from charity work to some life-changing donations. I would ask anyone who feels they could help in any way and wants to share this project’s enjoyment to reach out. Through changing the mindsets of many of these young children, we can only hope, in the long run, that Plymouth becomes an even better place.”

Our Plan of Action: Working with Local Businesses and Volunteers

To make our vision a reality, we call on local businesses, tradespeople, and volunteers to help us. We seek people with various skills, including landscapers, ground workers, electricians, carpenters, builders, and gardening enthusiasts.

The school’s year groups are currently in the process of drawing their ideas and dreams for the garden. From there, each year group will nominate a representative. The chosen designers will work with our production team until we have finished CGIs and graphics sets for the dream outcome.

We aim to create a vibrant and engaging space to inspire and excite the children, teachers, and volunteers who use it. We want to provide the children with a setting that is both secure and warm, one in which they can learn and develop while also having the sense that they are cherished and appreciated.

We Call Upon Assistance: Join Us in Making a Difference

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are the proprietor of a company or work in a profession of any kind and are interested in participating in this initiative. By working together, we will make a substantial improvement in the lives of these children and have a beneficial impact on the surrounding community.

We have high hopes that many of these early children’s perspectives will shift as a result of this endeavour and that, as a result, they will be better equipped to have faith in both themselves and the world around them. We want their education to be a sanctuary of refuge where they can escape the pressures of ordinary life and focus on learning about the world around them.

Garden Design

The school’s year groups are currently in the process of drawing their ideas and dreams for the garden. Each year group will nominate a representative to collaborate with our team of designers. The chosen designers will then work together, alongside our production team, to create a finished set of CGIs and graphics for the dream outcome. That’s when the real work will start!


In conclusion, this new partnership between our organization and St. Peter’s Primary School is inspiring. We are starting with the garden area with our shared goal of giving these children back some purpose and showing them they are loved and not forgotten. The school has a sizable outdoor area that, until recently, has been forgotten. Now cleared, we want to give the children and teachers an unimpeachable space to play and learn. With the help of local trades, businesses, and volunteers, we can make this dream a reality and create something magical for these deserving children.

We welcome anybody interested in participating in this initiative to contact us and accompany us on this adventure. Together, we have the power to have a meaningful impact on these children’s lives and pave the way towards a more promising future for the children and the community in which they reside.