Stamp duty calculator

Stamp Duty Calculator

The government’s stamp duty holiday ends on 30th June 2021, so you need to complete your transaction of buying a house in Plymouth before then to take full advantage. Until then, properties under £500,000 attract no stamp duty. Second homes and buy-to-let investments are excluded.

Calculate stamp duty, officially known as Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), for your property in Plymouth with our stamp duty calculator. 

 It calculates how much stamp duty you will pay based on whether you are a first-time buyer, moving home or buying additional property. Simply enter tha sale price and hit ‘calculate’.

SDLT is a tax levied on the purchase of property in England and Northern Ireland.

It is charged at different rates depending on the purchase price of a property. There are a number of stamp duty tax bands with rates rising from lower to higher bands.

On 8th July 2020 a stamp duty holiday was introduced to help the economy recover from the pandemic. It is set to expire on 30th June 2021.

You must make sure your stamp duty is paid within 14 days after completing on a property purchase. Usually the tax return will be submitted by a solicitor or conveyancer acting on behalf of their client.

Stamp tax rates from 1st July to 30th September

From 1st July until 30th September, there is a transition period from the stamp duty holiday. The tax free threshold will be lowered to properties with a price of less than £250,000. 

Stamp tax rates from 1st October 2021

From October 2021 the stamp duty goes back to how it was before the holiday, where stamp duty will have to be paid on most properties apart from homes below the price of £125,000