Average house prices

Plymouth Average House Prices

Property prices in Plymouth have been constantly on the rise in the last ten years. According to data from HM Land Registry, the average home in Plymouth cost around £138,000 in 2011 and just under £194,000 in early 2021 – that’s a 40% increase. First-time buyers were on average paying £171,000 in January 2021 while people who previously owner-occupied houses paid £214,000 on average.

At the same time, the total amount of residential property in Plymouth has remained relatively stable, with an average of 32 new builds per year only over the last decade. This means demand will remain high. 

Property prices in Plymouth vary based on the location: Property for sale in Plymouth with a seaview is in particular demand, but also areas in the north around the PL6 postcode as well as St. Jude and Peverell are popular with buyers.

Whatever your budget – we have the local expertise to help you find the best located homes which are predicted to grow in value in years to come.