Taking expert advice is essential and the Pilkington Estates team works with a trusted Independent Mortgage Advisor. 

If it’s your first mortgage, you’re re-mortgaging or securing a mortgage for an investment property you’ll probably need to speak to an advisor to find a loan which is right for you. 

Pilkington Estates team can connect you with an Independent Mortgage advisor. The advisor will need you to disclose some personal information to identify the best packages available for you, across the term of the mortgage.

You can probably expect the lender to go through a screening process to assess your ability to pay the mortgage, and the advisor will ask you for documentation and information to support any applications made.

While this is often an essential part of the process, it allows clarity about the property purchase and budget, it allows the purchase to conclude quickly and with the confidence that it is a sound investment.

Independent Mortgage Advisers will guide you through this process and we can refer you to an expert.