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Top Tips For Managing Your Energy Bills In A New Home

Smart meter monitoring energy use

We’ll be surprised if you haven’t already heard that energy bills are rising. 

On April 1st, millions of homes will see their bills shoot up as the price of living continues to rise. This is a frustrating change, especially since it’s out of our hands. However, there are some tips and tricks to help you save as much as possible. 

Whether you’re planning a move or settling into a new Plymouth property, keep reading. We’ve researched the best tips to keep your energy bills low.

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What To Do If You Want To Spend Less

Ready to cut down on your energy spending? Here are some tips that Plymouth homeowners can use to battle the rising energy prices.

Review Your Bills

Firstly, you should get into the habit of reviewing your bills to ensure they’re accurate. Even if you’re not a smart meter user, it’s essential that you make these checks so you’re paying for what you use and no more!

Remember to take a meter reading on March 31st, then submit this to your supplier. This will prove how much energy you used before the energy price increases on April 1st. 

Change Your Habits

Another way you can save as much as possible is to get into good habits now. Small changes can provide significant results! 

Consider washing clothes at a lower temperature and ensuring each load is full before starting the wash. You can also lower the heating by one degree and ensure all lights and electronics are switched off when not needed. 

Switch To A Smart Reader 

Smart readers are an excellent way for homeowners to monitor their usage daily. This will give you a clearer picture of when and how you use energy and indicate which appliances use the most energy. You can make educated decisions on where you need to cut back from this information. 

Not only that, but smart meters send trustworthy meter readings for you, which saves you time and makes bills a hassle-free experience. 

Check Your Credit

Did you know credit accumulates? When you pay the supplier more than you’re using, your account will build up credit, and the company will owe you money. 

Credit builds up when bills are overestimated, less energy is used, and it can also happen if you’ve recently switched suppliers. Check with your energy supplier today to see if you have any credit in your account. When the prices rise, this money can act as a buffer for the subsequent bills.

Review All Home Bills

Energy bills are going up, but you might be able to cut back in other areas to compensate for this price increase. Homeowners should review their TV, broadband, and mobile phone contracts. These days, we pay multiple companies monthly, and there’s usually an area or two we can cut down. 

Explore The Energy Market

If you’re interested in getting the best energy deals, sign up for energy market alerts. These news updates will keep you in the loop of current energy prices and new deals. Comparison websites (such as Confused or MoneySupermarket) are also popular ways to see the best energy deals available.

The Bottom Line

Rising energy prices are stressful, but they shouldn’t take the excitement out of buying a new home. Use these tips to cut down where you can, as a little goes a long way. We hope this article has inspired you to take control of your energy spending!

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